Mt Walker Viewpoint

Quilcene, Washington

E on Mt Walker Rd off Hwy 101, 5 miles S of Quilcene

Five miles south of Quilcene along Highway 101, a narrow road climbs up to the summit of Mt. Walker, located in the Olympic National Forest and the easternmost summit of the Olympic Mountains. There are two viewpoints there that feature views east across the Hood Canal and Puget Sound. On a clear day, visitors can see as far as the Seattle skyline, the Cascade Mountains even further to the east, and Mt. Baker to the northeast. More ambitious visitors can park the car near a gate and hike a steep (2000 feet elevation gain) 2-mile trail to the summit.

The south viewpoint reportedly has the best views. I have to say "reportedly" because I have only seen pictures of the best views. The area can be prone to cloudy weather - it is the Pacific Northwest, after all - and marine layers, so my visits to the summit so far have been disappointing.

quilcene mt walker viewpoint

Disappointing View (O14A0408)
I haven't had much luck here yet. Someday I hope to get a photo of the outstanding view of Seattle and the Cascades across Puget Sound from here.

quilcene mt walker rhododendron about to bloom

Rhododendron Ready to Bloom (O14A0411)
Not everything at Mt. Walker is about the view.

Nearby Sights

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