Steptoe Battlefield State Park

Rosalia, Washington

S Summit Ave

Steptoe Battlefield is a small state park that marks the location of a battle between US Army soldiers and a band of Spokane, Palouse and Coeur d'Alene Native Americans, the Battle of Pine Creek. By the time the battle ended for the day, the Army soldiers were down to just a few rounds of ammunition. They retreated through enemy lines under cover of darkness.

This defeat prompted the US Army to send in a much larger contingent, and engaged with the tribes in the Battle of Four Lakes and then the Battle of Spokane Plains. The tribes were unbeaten but severely weakened, and recognized the likely outcome. The resulting treaty limited the tribes to a fraction of their lands, and opened parts of Washington to white settlement.

steptoe battlefield marker

Steptoe Battlefield Marker (N10A0001)
A historical marker notes the battle along Highway 195 at Rosalia.

steptoe battlefield

Steptoe Battlefield (N10A0002)

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