Northern Exposure TV Show Setting

Roslyn, Washington

Most show-related sights are located in the small town center

Coal was discovered in this part of Washington in 1883, and within a few years the town of Roslyn was platted to mine coal for the Northern Pacific Railway. Mining continued into the early 1960s.

In the early 1990s, Roslyn was used for the exterior shots for the TV show Northern Exposure, serving as a stand-in for the fictional Cicely, Alaska. A number of buildings in the town center regularly appeared in the show.

Today the whole town is a National Historic Landmark, popular with artists, outdoor enthusiasts and Seattlites looking to take a break from the city.

Roslyn Cafe

Roslyn Cafe (Z05A0007)
Viewers of Northern Exposure will recognize the Roslyn Cafe mural. The mural with its camel and palm trees actually pre-dates the series.

Roslyn's Northwestern Mining Co building

Northwestern Mining Co. and Dr. Joel Fleischman's Office (Z04A0010)
Northern Exposure used the Northwestern Mining Co. building to serve as the offices for lead character Dr. Joel Fleishman. The character's name was still painted on the window last time I visited Roslyn.

Brick Tavern

The Brick Tavern (Z05A0008)
Built in 1889 with 45,000 bricks, the Brick Tavern is the oldest tavern in continuous operation in the state of Washington. Northern Exposure stuck with the name and used the tavern for numerous interior and exterior shots during the series.

Coal Miners' Memorial

Coal Miners' Memorial (Z05A0009)
Roslyn began as a company mining town. The Coal Miners' Memorial remembers people killed in the local mines, including the 45 miners who were killed in the 1892 explosion at Mine No. 4, the deadliest mining accident in Washington.

More About Roslyn

Viewers who remember Northern Exposure will recognize much of the village center. The town does much to preserve Roslyn's mining history. The Coal Mine Trail through town highlights that history and features colorful wildflowers in the spring.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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