Alki Beach Park And West Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Elliott Bay beaches between Alki Point

and Duwamish Head along Alki Ave

The peninsula between Puget Sound and the Duwamish River was the first part of what was to become Seattle to be settled. Although the heart of Seattle relocated across the bay to today's Pioneer Square, the peninsula, which would become known as West Seattle, thrived on its own. It would not be annexed into the city of Seattle until 1907.

Seattle has miles of shoreline along Puget Sound and Lake Washington, but West Seattle is a real beachfront community, even if the waters along those beaches are well on the cold side for swimming and as high-priced condos have gained footholds along the waterfront.

You can catch a water taxi at the downtown Seattle waterfront for the 10 minute ride across the bay, and explore this unique Seattle neighborhood.

west seattle alki beach park birthplace of seattle

Birthplace of Seattle (Z04A0050)
The Denny Party, led by Arthur Denny, left Illinois on April 10, 1851. They arrived at Alki Point on November 13, 1851, and soon platted what would eventually become the city of Seattle. This marker highlights the city's founding.

west seattle alki beach park statue of liberty

Statue of Liberty (Z04A0051)
The Denny Party initially named their settlement New York Alki (New York By and By), so a copy of the Statue of Liberty is a fitting addition to Alki Beach Park.

west seattle alki beach park view of seattle

View of Seattle (Z04A0052)
The north end of Alki Beach Park features views of downtown Seattle across Elliott Bay.

west seattle alki point lighthouse

Alki Point Lighthouse (Z04A0053)
This lighthouse marks the south end of Alki Beach Park. It is not open to the public.

west seattle log house museum

Log House Museum (Z04A0054)
The Log House Museum features information about the founding of Seattle and the community of West Seattle.

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