Classic Motel Signs

Seattle, Washington

Aurora Ave N

Aurora Avenue North was once the main highway from the north into Seattle. During the rise of the American car culture, a number of motels opened up along this road. Many have since been closed as strip malls and chain hotels have taken their place.

One of the motels featured here is still in business. The other two shut down a while back, so I made a point of stopping by to add photos of their signs to my collection before they were torn down and we lost these bits of Americana.

Klose-In Motel sign

Klose-In Motel Sign (Z11A0008)
This sign, complete with clock, is my favorite along Aurora Ave. N. It looks great at night, but I haven't been here at night with my camera.

old motel sign

Old Motel Sign (Z11A0009)
By the time I got this picture, the motel had closed and the name was missing.

Thunderbird Motel sign

Thunderbird Motel Sign (Z11A0010)
The motel was demolished, but the Thunderbird sign reportedly was given to a neighbor for restoration.

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