Discovery Park

Seattle, Washington

3801 Discovery Park Blvd

Once the site of the Fort Lawton Army Post, Discovery Park is the largest park in Seattle. It features almost 12 miles of trails. The park juts out into Puget Sound - in fact, it includes the westernmost point in Seattle - so it includes a couple miles of coastline and the West Point Lighthouse. Its wooded acreage draws birds and wildlife. Somehow, both a black bear and a cougar made it to the park's grounds in 2009, even though on most sides it is surrounded by city.

Discovery Park is the best place in Seattle to find the great outdoors within the city limits.

seattle discovery park west point lighthouse

West Point Lighthouse (S99A0601)
West Point Lighthouse sits on the westernmost point in Seattle.

Seattle discovery park shoreline

Discovery Park Shoreline (S99A0604)
Beach, bluffs and woodlands are features of Discovery Park.

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