EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum

Seattle, Washington

At Seattle Center, Broad St @ 5th Ave N

The Experience Music Project Museum, also known as the EMP Museum, is a museum dedicated to popular music, science fiction and popular culture, and it is home to a science fiction hall of fame. It is located in a building at Seattle Center that reportedly resembles a smashed electric guitar, something architect Frank Gehry has suggested in his own comments.

The museum is home to some permanent collections and a number of temporary exhibits. It originally showcased popular and rock music, but its mission was broadened over time to include features related to science fiction and popular culture.

Experience Music Project

EMP Museum Building (Z13A0001)

Monorail passes through Experience Music Project

Seattle Monorail and the EMP Museum (Z13A0002)
The building housing the EMP Museum was built around the Seattle Monorail tracks.

Space Needle reflection

Reflection of the Space Needle on the EMP Museum (Z04A0048)
It was late in the day when I got this photo of the Space Needle reflected on the side of the Experience Music Project building.

guitar tower

IF VI WAS IX: Roots and Branches Sculpture (Z04A0047)
Sculptor Trimpin (Gerhard Trimpin) created the sculpture IF VI WAS IX: Roots and Branches, which is the centerpiece of the museum's Guitar Gallery.

More About The EMP Museum

The museum was established by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft.

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