Late For The Interurban Statue

Seattle, Washington

N 34th St @ Fremont Ave N

Sculptor Kevin Pettelle's Late for the Interurban statue is a 50th anniversary tribute to the Seattle children's TV program The J.P. Patches Show. The show featured Chris Wedes as J.P. Patches and Bob Newman as his sidekick Gertrude, and aired from 1958 to 1981. The show was quite popular and is remembered fondly by the locals, so much so that I heard a lot about it after moving to Seattle more than 20 years after it left the air.

The name of the statue is tied to the nearby People Waiting for the Interurban sculpture, and includes a "TV" that allows visitors to view the antics of J.P. Patches and Gertrude through its open screen.

J.P. Patches

J.P. Patches is Late for the Interurban (Z11A0013)
J.P. Patches was a children's TV icon in the Seattle area for decades.

Late For The Interurban

Late for the Interurban Statue (Z11A0014)
The statue of J.P. Patches and Gertrude is just down the street from the People Waiting For The Interurban Sculpture.

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