Lenin Statue

Seattle, Washington

N 36th St @ Evanston Ave N

A 16-foot tall statue of Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was created by sculptor Emil Venkov and installed in Poprad, Slovakia in 1988. American Lewis Carpenter was teaching in Poprad when he found it toppled in 1989 following the revolution to end Communist rule of the Eastern bloc country. He mortgaged his house to acquire the statue and brought it home with him to Issaquah, Washington. The statue is still owned by his family.

The installation in Seattle's funky Fremont neighborhood is considered temporary. The statue is for sale, and the commission from the sale will go to the Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

Lenin statue

Statue of Vladimir Lenin (Z11A0015)

More About The Lenin Statue

Locals often dress up the statue for various holidays and local events, such as adding Christmas lights at Christmas and decorating him in drag during Gay Pride Week.

One can question the appropriateness of a statue depicting the father of the communist Soviet Union on display in a U.S. neighborhood, but a sign at the installation addresses this: "This sculpture is placed here in the Artist's Republic of Fremont, as a symbol of an artistic spirit that outlasts regimes and ideologies, and as tangible proof that art does outlive politics."

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