Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)

Seattle, Washington

Various venues in and around Seattle

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is the largest and best-attended film festival in the United States, showing more than 400 films from 80 countries in just the 2017 version of the featival. The festival runs every year for about three and a half weeks starting in mid-May.

Some people use vacation time so that they can see as many movies as possible. Others pick and choose a few shows to attend. There are several movies screened at a number of venues on any given day, so it is impossible to attend more than a fraction of the movies shown. Serious movie goers have to balance screenings and locations to fit in as many of the movies they want to see as possible. (Given Seattle's weather reputation, I noted at one of my first SIFF screenings that only in Seattle would a bunch of people stand in line on a gorgeous spring day to see a movie named "Rain").

I was somewhere in the middle, as I often was traveling for part of the festival. Over the years I saw a number of great movies there. Of course, I also saw some of the worst movies I've ever seen there. After all, with a program as big as what SIFF offers, there are bound to be some duds in there.

Actors, directors or others associated with a particular movie will attend the screening and then stay afterwards to answer audience questions.

Although you can often get tickets at the door, some shows do sell out, so consider buying your tickets in advance. Here's a link to the Seattle International Film Festival website.

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