Jellyfish Changes Direction

In Puget Sound

Seattle, Washington

Along the waterfront

When I first moved to Seattle, I was surprised to see how common jellyfish are in the waters of Puget Sound. During ferry rides, they're easy to spot, usually floating just a couple feet below the surface. I'd soon learn that Puget Sound is home to a variety of marine life, including some resident orca pods and the world's largest octopus, the Giant Pacific octopus.

I was standing along the water's edge when this jellyfish caught my eye. I watched it swim along for a while and then took out my camera. Right after I got the first picture, it decided to change directions and started to swim away from me.

Perhaps it was camera-shy.

seattle puget sound jellyfish

Let's Go This Way... (Z14A0001)

seattle puget sound jellyfish

...Uh... (Z14A0002)

seattle puget sound jellyfish

...Let's Go This Way Instead (Z14A0003)

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