Living Computers: Museum + Labs

Seattle, Washington

2245 1st Ave S

If you're a computer geek, you've got to make the trip to the Living Computer: Museum + Labs. The museum features an impressive collection of computers and related technologies from the earliest days of computing through the birth of home and mobile computing to today's advanced technologies in areas such as virtual reality and the internet of things.

Many of the computers on display are maintained in an operational state so that visitors can try them - or games and software contemporary to the hardware - out themselves. This is one museum that actually encourages a fair amount of hands on interaction with the exhibits. Some of the computers can even be accessed online.

The museum is a great way to learn about the evolution of the modern computer. And and about the evolution of the computing industry, featuring the likes of IBM, Microsoft and Apple. (Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen founded Living Computers.)

early apple and commodore computers

Early Apple and Commodore Computers (Z15A0010)
A couple of a number of vintage computers on display at the museum.

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