Merchant's Cafe And Saloon

Seattle, Washington

109 Yesler Way

Located across the street from Seattle's historic Pioneer Square, Merchant's Cafe is the oldest restaurant in Seattle.

It operates in a brick building, built in 1890 after a fire destroyed several wooden buildings in the area 1889's Great Seattle Fire. The building was designed to operate a cafe and saloon on street level. The building was sold a couple years later and the saloon was renamed the Merchant's Exchange Saloon.

Prostitution once operated out of the rooms upstairs, and alcohol sales moved down to the basement during prohibition. But much of the interior - from the bar to the tin ceilings - is original.

If you want to see a bit of historic Seattle, a city that doesn't have a lot that's historic from that era, consider eating a meal or having a drink here.

merchant's cafe and saloon

Inside Merchant's Cafe and Saloon (Z15A0013)

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