Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle, Washington

2901 Western Ave

The Olympic Sculpture Park is a Seattle public park that the Seattle Art Museum operates as an open air sculpture garden. The park climbs from the shore of Puget Sound's Elliot Bay up a hillside, and spans a bike path, railroad tracks and a road.

A number of sculptures have been installed in the park in various natural settings. The park also provides some great views of Elliot Bay and the distant Olympic Mountains off to the west. It is especially popular on sunny afternoons.

Alex Calder's Eagle sculpture

Eagle at Olympic Sculpture Park (Z12A0014)
Eagle was the work of sculptor Alexander Calder.

richard serra's wake sculpture

Wake at Olympic Sculpture Park (Z07A0001)
Sculptor Richard Serra created Wake. The rusted patina of the steel is sensitive to the oils found in human skin and scratches from jewelry.

More About Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park is a great Seattle park, but it runs into some of the problems that outdoor public art often runs into. In particular, the public has a hard time keeping their hands off of it. Some public art, of course, is made for human interaction. But it is not uncommon to see people ignore "Do Not Touch" signs, touching and climbing on sculptures that were only intended to be viewed. As a result a number of pieces in the park have been scratched and chipped from people's jewelry and belt buckles, resulting in sometimes expensive repairs. Please obey the signs when visiting Olympic Sculpture Park.

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