Opening Day

Seattle, Washington

Lake Union, Montlake Cut and Lake Washington

The Seattle Yacht Club sponsors Opening Day to mark the offical start of boating season. There are a number of events during the week-long festivities, culminating in the Windermere Cup Crew Races and Opening Day's Boat Parade on the first Saturday in May.

crew racing teams

Windermere Cup Crew Racing Teams (Z05A0010)
Opening Day includes world class men's and women's crew racing, drawing several hundred rowers.

boat parade

Opening Day Boat Parade (Z05A0011)
The Opening Day Boat Parade features everything from big, fancy yachts to families with ordinary motor boats. A number of boats are decorated, keeping with the spirit of an annual parade theme.

boat parade marching band

Opening Day Boat Parade "Marching" Band (Z05A0012)
What's a parade without a marching band? It may be hard to march on water, but this Opening Day band came up with a suitable alternative.

dragon boats

Dragon Boats at Opening Day (Z05A0013)
A local dragon boat club is among the Opening Day participants.

More About Opening Day

Many spectators line the shores of the Montlake Cut, a channel that connects Lake Union to Lake Washington. A number of spectators watch from their own boats, moored to log boom that extends out into Lake Washington. Log boom moorage generally requires a donation that must be paid in advance.

Nearby Sights

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