Hat 'N' Boots In Oxbow Park

Seattle, Washington

6430 Corson Ave S

Hat 'n' Boots were created in 1954 as part of the Premium Tex, a western-themed Texaco gas station that was once located at the Frontier Village shopping center in Georgetown, a south Seattle neighborhood. The gas station is long gone, but the large cowboy hat and pair of boots, recognized as the largest in the United States, were relocated to the new Oxbow Park in 2003 and restored.

Oxbow Park Hat 'n' Boots

Oxbow Park's Hat 'N' Boots (Z11A0002)
Hat 'n' Boots provide some colorful character to the Georgetown neighborhood's Oxbow Park.

Oxbow Park hat

Z11A0003 - The Cowboy Hat at Oxbow Park
The hat is 60 feet wide at the brim. The old Premium Tex gas station pumps were located under the hat.

oxbow park boots

Z11A0004 - The Cowboy Boots at Oxbow Park
The boots are 22 feet tall. When they were part of the Premium Tex gas station, they housed the station's restrooms.

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