Pike Place Market Gum Wall

Seattle, Washington

Post Alley, near Market Theater

Recognized as one of the germiest tourist attractions in the world, Seattle's famous Gum Wall is the highlight of many a tourist's visit to the Emerald City. In 1993 patrons of a theatre located below Pike Place Market began the tradition of sticking their gum to the wall outside the theatre in Post Alley. Eventually it was recognized as a tourist attraction, and people from around the world now add their gum to the collection.

Some visitors have become rather creative, producing works of art using several different colors of gum. And the occasional visitor is successfully dared into eating a piece of gum off the wall. (ew!)

Seattle Gum Wall

Seattle Gum Wall (Z12A0012)
All this gum adds a bit of color and germy character to an otherwise drab alley.

Seattle Gum Wall Gum Art

A "Peace" of Gum on the Seattle Gum Wall (Z12A0013)
Some visitors create art and messages with their gum.

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