Rachel The Pig At Pike Place Market

Seattle, Washington

Pike Place Market at Pike St @ Pike Place

Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's most popular tourist destinations, and one of the market's most beloved features is Rachel the Pig. Rachel, created by artist Georgia Gerber, is a 550-pound bronze cast piggy bank and the unofficial mascot of the market. Visitors add several thousand dollars a year to the bank, money that is used to help fund the social services that the market provides.

A second version of Rachel sits behind the market. Rachel was also the inspiriation for Pigs on Parade. Fibreglass copies of Rachel were decorated by local artists and then auctioned off for charity.

Rachel the Pig

Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market (Z04A0033)
A number of visitors pose for pictures with Rachel.

Pigs on Parade

Pigs on Parade (Z04A0035)
Decorated pigs were auctioned off in a Pike Place Market fundraiser.

seated Rachel

Rachel the Pig Sitting Behind Pike Place Market (Z12A0025)
Hidden from most market visitors, here is another take on Rachel the Pig.

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