Pike Place Market

Seattle, Washington

Pike St @ Pike Place

Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's top tourist destinations. It was founded in 1907 as a farmers market, and over time evolved into a complex of buildings and arcades overlooking Elliot Bay. Vendors in the main arcade sell fresh produce, meats, cut flowers, baked goods, meals and craftworks to both locals and tourists. Several restaurants, a few floors of shops, and a theatre are all part of the market. Music performers and other buskers give scheduled performances at several areas in the market. It is a colorful, often crowded scene, especially when fresh cut flowers are available.

Many visitors limit themselves to the main arcade, but a dedicated shopper could spend a day here checking out all the shops and stalls in the large market complex wrapped around a lunch with a view of the bay.

Pike Place Market sign

Pike Place Market Sign at Night (Z04A0030)
The shops and vender stalls are closed at night, but restaurants and the Market Theatre draw visitors to the market in the evening.

Pike Place Market produce

Produce at the Pike Place Market (Z03A0003)
A number of vendors sell all kinds of fresh product. Other vendors show up during berry season or when the nut harvest is in.

Pike Place Market flowers

Fresh Cut Flowers at the Pike Place Market (Z04A0032)
Spring flowers start showing up as early as January, and flower growing season lasts well into the fall in the Puget Sound region. Large bouquets are available in the $10-$20 price range.

Pike Place Market seafood

Seafood at the Pike Place Market (Z04A0031)
Fresh seafood is available at the market. Keep an eye out for flying fish.

More About Pike Place Market

At the start of World War II, almost 80% of the stalls were operated by Japanese-Americans. Most of these people were sent off to internment camps for the duration of the war. A display near Rachel the Pig describes this era in market history, but it is probably missed by most visitors to the market.

The first Starbucks Coffee store is located in the market at 1912 Pike Place, although it was originally located about a block away at 2000 Western Avenue.

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