Rosie The Fish

Sekiu, Washington

Hwy 112 @ Front St

If you think that something is fishy in Sekiu, Washington, you're probably thinking about Rosie. Rosie the Fish is one of the more peculiar visitor greeters I've come across in my small town visits. Rosie is quite the sight, located right along the highway where it intersects with the road that heads down into the village of Sekiu.

Rosie reportedly had a counterpart, Gil, just down the road in the village of Clallam Bay. Gil sported running shoes and shorts (a tribute to the salmon runs in local rivers, perhaps?). But I didn't find any sign of Gil in Clallam Bay during my 2014 visit to town.

Sekiu is a small town with a pretty harbor (also called Clallam Bay) that is frequented by harbor seals. If Rosie's not your thing, Sekiu is still worth a stop for checking out the seals. Orcas often frequent the nearby waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Clallam Bay, so you may see some of those, too.

seiku rosie the fish

Welcome to Seiku (O14A0128)
If Rosie tires of greeting visitors, perhaps she could become a mascot for a local school. (Get it? School. Fish.)

sekiu harbor seals

Harbor Seals (O14A0125)
Harbor seals hang out in Clallam Bay, perhaps tempted by the sight of Rosie. Of course, they're why orcas also hang out just off the coast.

Nearby Sights

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