Deception Falls Nature Trail

Skykomish, Washington

E of Skykomish on Hwy 2, mile marker 56

I'm not sure how this waterfall got its name as there doesn't seem to be anything particularly deceptive about Deception Falls - other than perhaps its 94-feet height is spread out over a few cascades and 200 feet, so it doesn't look as tall as it is.

But Deception Falls is easily accessible along Highway 2 east of Skykomish. In fact, it flows under Highway 2. A rest area makes this a nice place to take a break for a walk in the woods. One route from the parking area to the falls is ADA-accessible.

Most visitors will walk to the falls and back, but there is actually a somewhat longer nature trail that follows the creek for a stretch before taking a different route back to the parking area. At one stop along this route the creek makes a sharp 90-degree turn, an unusual bit of erosion.

This bonus route is about a half mile long, although there is some elevation drop and gain, making the hike a bit more challenging if you're not used to it. But nothing that I would call rugged.

skykomish deception falls nature trail

Deception Falls (C14A2341)
These are called Deception Falls. I haven't figured out what the deception is.

skykomish deception falls nature trail moss

Moss-covered Trees (C14A2351)
Moss is common on trees in the rain-soaked forests along the west side of the Cascades.

skykomish deception falls nature trail spider web

Spider Web on the Trail (C14A2354)
It's a nice spider web photo, but I which I had focused more on the spider in the middle rather than on the web.

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