Twin Peaks Filming Locations

Snoqualmie, Washington

In and around Snoqualmie

A number of locations in and around Snoqualmie were used during the filming of the classic TV show Twin Peaks and the follow-up movie Fire Walk With Me.

ronette pulaski railroad bridge

Ronette Pulaski's Railroad Bridge (Z91A0005)
The character Ronette Pulaski first appeared in the show as she walked across this railroad bridge where it crosses the Snoqualmie River at Reinig Rd. The bridge is no longer used by trains; rather, it marks the end of a bike path/walking path.

giant log douglas fir

Giant Log from the Credits (Z09A0008)
The Centennial Log in Snoqualmie was shown in the opening credits. It's an old growth Douglas Fir specimen. Alas it has long lost that Douglas Fir smell that Special Agent Dale Cooper appreciated. It is located along Railroad Ave. SE.

twin peaks gazebo

The Gazebo (Pilot Episode Only) (Z09A0009)
This gazebo, located near the giant log, put in a brief appearance in the pilot episode. The (much smaller) gazebo used in later episodes is located in California.

twin peaks not the train car

Old Train Car (Z96A0004)
Snoqualmie is home to the Northwestern Railway Museum, which includes a collection of several old train cars. Among them was the train car in which Laura Palmer was killed. I had hoped to get a picture of it when I first visited the museum in 1996. This one was the closest one I could find based on my memory of it, but when I got home I found that it was the wrong car. The actual train car was too far gone to be restored and was sold for scrap. So this photo is merely an example train car at the museum and not the real deal.

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