Allen C Mason Plaza And The Star Of Destiny

Tacoma, Washington

N 26th St @ Adams St

Allen C. Mason Plaza pays tribute to early Tacoma entrepreneur and developer Allen Chase Mason, regarded as "Tacoma's Best Salesman". Mason arrived in Tacoma in 1883 with just a few dollars to his name. But he created a number of housing developments, especially in Tacoma's North End, which made him a multi-millionaire by the 1890s.

He also built several major buildings and donated Tacoma's first library. He even built the first street car line, connecting downtown Tacoma to Point Defiance Park.

In order to draw new residents to Tacoma from the east, Mason created the Star of Destiny, a star-shaped array of slogans and features that highlighted Tacoma's strengths. The plaza also includes a large plaque version of the Star of Destiny.

The bronze statue of Mason is named "Allen C. Mason - Tacoma's Super Salesman" was the creation of sculptor Paul R. Michaels, a Tacoma native.

tacoma allen c mason plaza

Allen C. Mason Plaza (T15A0292)
The plaza features a statue of Mason flanked by sandstone columns from his mansion.

tacoma star of destiny

Star of Destiny (T15A0295)

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