Goddess Of Commerce Sculpture

Tacoma, Washington

St Helens Ave @ S Baker St

The original Goddess of Commerce sculpture was a 7-foot-tall copper statue that once stood atop the local home to the Chamber of Commerce. That building was demolished in 1950, and the statue was scrapped.

Tacoma News Tribune columnist Dan Voelpel took an interest in the sculpture in 2004, and the idea to create a new version of the sculpture took hold. It was completed a few years later, the creation of sculptor Marilyn Mahoney.

The goddess holds a plate filled with features of downtown Tacoma in her right hand and a container ship in her left hand. Earrings represent Port of Tacoma shipping cranes. You'll find salmon on her back.

But apparently key locals didn't find the sculpture very inspiring, and there wasn't a solid plan in place for its installation. A few locatons were considered and rejected. A location on St. Helens Avenue and South Baker Street finally was offered up, and the new Goddess of Commerce was unveiled at its new home on August 31, 2011.

tacoma goddess of commerce sculpture

Goddess of Commerce Sculpture (T15A0024)

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