LeMay, America's Car Museum

Tacoma, Washington

2702 E D St

Although I'll take a good look when I come across some classic car, I wouldn't describe myself as a car person. So the LeMay, America's Car Museum, was a filler option on a trip to Tacoma, a place I'd visit only if I had some time left. But the LeMay turned out to be one of the highlights of that trip.

If you're a classic car buff, you'll love this place. And if you're like me, you could love it, too. Built like a polished, enclosed parking garage, the LeMay has about 350 meticulously restored and maintained cars on display, representing the American automobile industry from its earliest days to the latest in electric and solar powered cars.

In addition to having most of their collection on display, the museum features a number of specific exhibits. Route 66, the British Invasion, the history evolution of the Ford F-Series truck and NASCAR were among the focused exhibits during my visit.

In addition to its displays, the museum has a store and cafe.

Harold LeMay was a successful local entrepreneur who over the years collected the world's largest private car collection. After his death, part of that collection provided the foundation for what would become the museum's collection.

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LeMay, America's Car Museum (T15A0164)

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