Point Defiance Park

Ten Inch Shell From The USS Maine

Tacoma, Washington

5400 N Pearl St, near the Pagoda

Located in the Japanese Garden near the Pagoda in Tacoma's Point Defiance Park is a small concrete pedestal that supports a 10-inch shell from the USS Maine, the cruiser that exploded in Havanna Harbor, an event that helped to trigger the Spanish-American War.

The sunken ship sat in Havanna Harbor until 1912 when it was raised just enough to tow it out to deeper water so that it would no longer pose a hazard to harbor shipping. At that time, several relics were taken from the ship and used in memorials to the war in towns across the country. The Tacoma memorial was built in the park in 1913 when the Pagoda served as the park's streetcar terminal and decades before the Japanese Garden was created.

tacoma point of defiance park 10 shell from the USS maine

10-inch Shell from the USS Maine (T15A0226)

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