Point Defiance Park Overview

Tacoma, Washington

5400 N Pearl St

Point Defiance Park is a 700-acre park that makes up the northwest corner of Tacoma. It sits on the bluffs above the Tacoma Narrows segment of Puget Sound. Much of the park is wooded, with hiking trails, wildlife, and the Five Mile Drive scenic drive (closed to vehicles for use by cyclists at times) which has several scenic viewpoints. In many parts of the park it feels like the great outdoors even though you're within the Tacoma city limits.

Fishing, boating, kayaking and swimming are popular activities. Point Defiance Park also has a number of popular features, including a zoo and aquarium, living history museum, formal gardens, historical structures, and even a magnet high school.

Point Defiance Park started as a military reserve, but was eventually repurposed as a park in the 1880s, with Tacoma getting full title to the land in 1905. Since then, seaside resorts, amusement parks, a bathhouse and various concessions have come and gone as the park's mission had evolved to meet the interests of its visitors.

tacoma point defiance park

The Japanese Garden at Point Defiance Park (T15A0224)

Favorite Places at Fort Defiance Park

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