Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Zoo And Aquarium

Tacoma, Washington

5400 N Pearl St

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium is a mid-sized zoo with a smallish aquarium. The zoo features about 300 species, mostly representing areas along the Pacific Rim, such as Sumatran and Malayan tigers, gibbons and Asian elephants. Polar bears, Arctic foxes, reindeer and Arctic foxes represent the Arctic regions of the north Pacific. A set of pools feature coastal animals common to Washington's Cape Flattery area, including seals, walruses and puffins.

The aquarium features both North Pacific and South Pacific pools and displays. The North Pacific Aquarium specialize in creatures common to Puget Sound. The South Pacific Aquarium incudes a simulated coral reef and lagoon. There is also a shark tank.

The zoo also has an area that is especially geared towards the kids.

Neither the zoo nor aquarium are as large or impressive as others I've been to, but the small size (and accompanying lower admission price) is very well-suited for families with kids, with enough to fill a couple hours without wearing out the little ones. And I was impressed by the chance I had to get within just a couple feet of a pair of quite active polar bears - and appreciative of the glass partition that separated us.

tacoma point defiance zoo and aquarium tiger

Tiger at the Point Defiance Zoo (T15A0261)

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Jellyfish at the Point Defiance Aquarium (T15A0234)

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