Tacoma Totem Pole At Fireman's Park

Tacoma, Washington

A St @ S 9 St

Fireman's Park is a small greenspace located atop the bluff at the east end of the downtown business district. It provides some decent views of Mt. Rainier, the Port of Tacoma and Commencement Bay (although plants along the view areas could stand to be trimmed back a bit to better the views).

Perhaps the park's most prominent feature is the Tacoma Totem Pole. When it was erected in 1903, the 105-foot-tall totem pole was the world's tallest. And perhaps more important to the people of Tacoma, it was much taller than the 60-foot totem pole erected in fierce rival Seattle a few years earlier. The totem pole was first erected elsewhere in the city, but it was relocated here in 1953.

Totem poles are expected to eventually return to nature. The Tacoma Totem Pole is showing its age. But a fairly discrete brace was recently added to help the pole survive for a while longer.

tacoma totem pole

Tacoma Totem Pole (T15A0040)

tacoma fireman's park view of mt rainier

View of Mt. Rainier (T15A0042)
A lift bridge frames Mt. Rainier, the tallest mountain in Washington and what is regarded as one of the most potentially dangerous volcanoes in the world.

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