Washington State History Museum

Tacoma, Washington

1911 Pacific Ave

I was rather tempted to not create an entry for the Washington State History Museum, but other visitors might appreciate the museum more than I did.

What is arguably the primary feature of the museum is the Great Hall of Washington History, a muddled collection of excerpts of Washington history that seemed to be more intended to entertain than inform and educate. Large diorama-like displays took up a lot of space but often featured few historical artifacts relative to the space occupied, and the information content was pretty limited. It's well-suited to kids and to those looking for the most basic introduction to Washington history, but it paled in comparison to Seattle's Museum of History and Industry, which I had visited several weeks earlier.

The temporary exhibits during my visit - a collection of photos featuring American soldiers from the Civil War to recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the People of the Adze - were interesting and well-done. And as a model railroad buff, I appreciated the large scale model railroad that was on permanent display.

tacoma washington state history museum

Washington State History Museum (T15A0117)

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