Gospodor Monument Park

Toledo, Washington

370 Camas Rd, south of I-5 Exit 63

In 2002, millionaire Dominic Gospodor created and installed a set of sculptures along I-5 as tributes to Mother Theresa, Native Americans and victims of the Holocaust. There is also a large weathervane, the world's largest according to Mr. Gospodor, that features the flag of Alaska - Gospodor generated much of his wealth in Alaska. Initially the sculptures led to traffic backups along the interstate, but commuters got used to them and now they are part of the Washington landscape.

Mr. Gospodor passed away in 2010. In 2012 the Cowlitz Indian Tribe took ownership of the park.

gospodor monuments

Gospodor Monument Park (P13A0232)
The park is fenced off, which limits the views of the monuments. Heading north on I-5 provides the best views of the park, but No Parking signs have been installed along the interstate here.

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