Mt Adams

Trout Lake, Washington

Ranger District office @ 2455 Hwy 141

You'd think that a 12,281-foot-tall volcanic mountain would get a lot of attention. But in a state that features 14,411-foot-tall Mt. Rainier, eruption-damaged Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Baker's winter sports easily accessed from Seattle, and Mt. Adams is almost an afterthought.

I've seen it from time to time. Usually when I'm at Mt. St. Helens or driving along I-82. I hadn't ever given much thought to how to actually get to it. Not when there's Mt. Rainier along the way.

I was heading to the Guler Ice Cave near Trout Lake when Mt. Adams came into majestic view. It turns out that the Mt. Adams Recreation Area is accessed using the roads that head north out of Trout Lake. The Mt. Adams Ranger District office is located in Trout Lake. You can get detailed information here as well as required passes.

Mt. Adams is located in the Mt. Adams Wilderness, which places additional restrictions on activities near and on the mountain.

mt adams trout lake

Mt Adams (P14A0346)

mt adams trout lake

Mt Adams (P14A0347)

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