Wendy Rose

Vancouver, Washington

1919 SE Columbia River Dr, walk E on riverfront walkway

During World War II, a shortage of men for manufacturing jobs opened the door for women to enter the workforce, filling what were traditionally "men's jobs". The Kaiser Shipyards in Vancouver would go on to employ more than 10,000 women in a variety of trade positions. Representing these women whose work was critical to the American war effort was Wendy the Welder. Much like the more famous Rosie the Riveter, Wendy the Welder honored their wartime service.

A sculpture called Wendy Rose stands on the banks of the Columbia River, and pays tribute to all the Wendy the Welders. The welded sculpture is 10-foot-stall, and was created by a group of six artists known as Women Who Weld that includes Terry Marvin, Sumi Wu, Jennifer Corio, Kathy Willson, Sharon Warman Agnor and Wendy Armstrong.

vancouver wendy rose sculpture

Wendy Rose Sculpture (P14A0398)
Wendy Rose pays tribute to the "Wendy the Welders" and other women who staffed critical welding, riveting and other manufacturing jobs in support of the WWII war effort.

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