Wild Horse Monument

a.k.a. Grandfather Cuts Loose The Ponies

Vantage, Washington

Along I-90, 2 miles east of Vantage

The Wild Horse Monument features the sculpture Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies on a hilltop along I-90 east of Vantage. The sculpture includes a 200-foot-long line of 15 wild horses created using welded steel plates. It is a re-creation of the Great Spirit turning a herd of wild horse loose. David Govedare is the artist who created this sculpture.

There is a small parking area on the eastbound side of I-90 where visitors can park and view the sculpture. A quarter-mile trail leads up to the sculpture itself and provides outstanding views of the central Columbia River valley. A parking area along westbound I-90 provides distant views of the sculpture but there is no access to the sculpture from that side of the highway.

wild horse monument

Wild Horse Monument (S05A0004)

wild horse monument

Wild Horse Monument (S05A0006)

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