Views Of Mt Rainier

Across Washington

At 14,411 feet tall, Mt. Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington and in all of the Cascade Range. It is also the most topographically prominent mountain in 48 contiguous states. As a result, on a clear day Mt. Rainier is visible across a large portion of Washington state.

It's a feature of the Seattle skyline even from more than 50 miles away. It's a cool sight to see from the air as you're flying into or out of Seattle.

Mt. Rainier National Park is well worth visiting. But there's a good chance that you'll see Mt. Rainier if you come to Washington whether you visit the park or not.

mt rainier washington from airplane

Mt. Rainier from the Air (D05A0084)
This is one of my most favorite photos of Mt. Rainier. I took it from an airplane early on a flight from Seattle to Chicago. It shows just how much the mountain dominates the surrounding landscape.

mt rainier washington from highway 12

Mt. Rainier from Highway 12 (I11A0265)
Highway 12 provides views of Mt. Rainier as the road approaches the national park from the southeast.

mt rainier washington from enumclaw

Mt. Rainier from Enumclaw (O04A0348)
Enumclaw is the first city of any significance when traveling northwest from Mt. Rainier National Park on Highway 410.

mt rainier washington from north seattle puget sound

Mt. Rainier from Puget Sound (A14A0058)
I took this picture from a ferry north of downtown Seattle. Mt. Rainier dominates the skyline beyond west Seattle. I suspect that there is a bit of an optical illusion due to the distance (55 miles) and atmosphere as Mt. Rainier looks bigger here than in Enumclaw, which is much closer (20 miles).

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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