Palouse Falls State Park

Washtucna, Washington

Hwy 261, about 10 miles SE of Hwy 260

Much of eastern Washington's landscape was scoured and carved during massive Ice Age flooding known as the Great Missoula Floods. The powerful water flows and the region's basalt rock layer led to the creating of a number of channels and coulees.

The Palouse was one of the rivers impacted by this, with its course redirected from the Columbia River to the Snake River. Today the Palouse flows through a canyon that is as much as 377 feet deep.

The state park preserves just over 100 acres surrounding the falls. It provides displays on the region's history and geology. There are limited camping facilities.

palouse falls

Palouse Falls (M08A0425)
Palouse Falls are 198 feet in height.

palouse river

Palouse River (M08A0430)
The Palouse River continues south through Palouse River Canyon, eventually reaching the Snake River.

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