The Water Dowser Sculpture

Waterville, Washington

S Central Ave @ W Walnut St

"That looks like a Richard Beyer sculpture", I thought as I was driving through Waterville. So I parked at the Douglas Country Museum to check out the sculpture that stood in front of it. And sure enough, The Water Dowser, by Richard Beyer.

I've come across the late sculptor's work in Seattle, Des Moines, Ellensburg and Omak, so I've learned to recognize his style. I also like the fact that his pieces aren't just "big city" art. Beyer's sculptures look like they belong just where they're placed.

Over the years, Beyer has become a favorite of mine. I enjoy discovering his works in my travels.

waterville the water dowser sculpture by richard beyer

The Water Dowser Sculpture (C14A2286)
The Water Dowser is another great sculpture by Richard Beyer.

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