Guppo The Clown Statue

Wenatchee, Washington

101 S Chelan Ave

The Wenatchee Youth Circus was founded by Paul K. Pugh initially as a gymnastics group for young people, but it morphed into a youth circus over the years. Its mission is to help teach young people "the importance of setting goals for themselves while striving to work hard and stay focused" as they learn to give back to the community. Pugh himself took on the role of Guppo the Clown.

Going to the circus is fun. Putting on a circus is a lot of work and requires practice, patience and commitment from its performers, in this case the youth. But their hard work has paid off. The Wenatchee Youth Circus is regarded as one of the top non-professional circus troupes in the country.

The statue that honors Pugh for what he started and its impact on the area's youth is the work of sculptor Kevin Pettelle.

wenatchee paul pugh guppo the clown statue

Paul Pugh as Guppo the Clown (C14A2301)

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