Pybus Public Market

Wenatchee, Washington

3 N Worthen St

Located just a couple blocks east of the main road through downtown Wenatchee, the Pybyus Public Market is typical of a number of farmers markets in that it features locally grown and produced fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and nuts, as well as flowers and the works of local artisans. In the case of Wenatchee, however, local truly is local - the city is located in the heart of Washington's orchards regions and the state's farm country.

The market also hosts a number of events, cooking classes and other activities, serving as something of a community center in addition to its market function.

And unlike many weekly farmers markets that are open weekly during the summer, Pybus Public Market is open daily except for a few major holidays.

wenatchee pybus public market sign

Pybus Public Market Sign (C14A2295)
The Pybus Public Market sign is similar to the Public Market sign that stands in front of Seattle's Pike Place Market.

wenatchee pybus public market

Wenatchee Public Market (C14A2298)

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