Skookum Indian Sign

Wenatchee, Washington

915 N Wenatchee Ave

The Skookum Indian sign with its eyes that roll back and forth was created in 1921 as a mascot for Skookum Packers Association, a Wenatchee apple provider. Wenatchee is located in the heart of Washington's apple growing region and bills itself as the Apple Capital of the World.

The sign was eventually taken down, in part due to the belief by some that it is an offensive caricature of American Indians. Others argued that the sign was a part of Wenatchee history and should be displayed.

Although the Skookum warehouse area it once adorned was replaced by the Skookum Plaza, the 30-foot-tall sign has been reinstalled at the location and now sits atop an Office Depot store.

skookum indian sign

Skookum Indian Sign (Z13A0026)

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