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Westport, Washington

Westport is located on the south side of the mouth of Grays Harbor, directly across from Ocean Shores. It began as a fishing village, and today is home to large commercial and charter fishing fleets. The area is also known for its razor clams, crabs and oysters. With miles of nearby Pacific Coast beaches, today Westport is now a popular vacation destination.

Visitors often come here during the rainy winter season to watch the storms come in, bringing with them 25-foot swells (stay far back as these can be quite dangerous).

westport marina

Westport Marina (W11A0028)
With moorage space for more than 600 vessels, Westport Marina is the largest coastal marina in the Pacific Northwest. It is also hiome to the largest charter fishing fleet in Washington.

westport fishermens memorial

Fishermen's Memorial (W11A0018)
The Fishermen's Memorial is located near the end of the jetty at the north end of the Westport Marina.

westport maritime museum

Westport Maritime Museum (W11A0033)
The Westport Maritime Museum is located in a historic Coast Guard station. In addition to local maritime history, the museum features the Destruction Island Lens, a lighthouse lens that dates back to 1891. The museum is located across from the marina on Westhaven Drive.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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