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Wilbur, Washington

A basic description of Wilbur - a small town with about 850 people in the heart of Washington's wheat-growing region - makes it sound like a drive-thru town that most people with drive through.

What first caught my eye in Wilbur was the Billy Burgers sign at the east end of town. I'm a sucker for clever neon signs, so I've stopped there for a meal a couple times now.

Driving through town, and it's mostly a typical small town that is somewhat past its glory days. But a few more things have caught my eye, so I stopped for a photo walk.

One of the things I haven't seen yet, though, are the crop circles that have mysteriously appeared in the wheat fields surrounding Wilbur a few times over the years. Perhaps some aliens were passing through the solar system and got a hankering for some Billy Burgers.

wilbur wild goose bill days

Wild Goose Bill Days (C14A2209)
A large goose pulling a wagon with three passengers stands next to a woman who's got a giant pig on a leash. Just a day in the life of Wilbur? Wild Goose Bill Days is an annual festival (May, typically) that celebrates the town's history. Wilbur was founded by Samuel Wilbur Condon whose ranch was established near Goose Creek. Wilbur Condon is the Wild Goose Bill of Wild Goose Bill Days.

wilbur big bend historical society display

Farm Equipment Display (C14A2205)
Wilbur is home to the Big Bend Historical Society Museum, a small museum with limited hours that contains a lot of memorabilia about the town. The museum also maintains an open air display of farm equipment along the main street through town.

short description

Wine Tasting (C14A2203)
I'm not a wine drinker, but did take note of this old service station that appears to have been converted into a wine tasting room for Whitestone Winery. At least at one point, given the sign in the window.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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