East Coast

Plane Views Over Greenland

I've flown over Greenland several times and take photos of the island when there are breaks in the clouds. Greenland's east coast features spectacular expanses of sea ice, glaciers, fjords and rugged mountains. From 37,000 feet, there's no sign of human activity.

greenland east coast sea ice

East Coast Sea Ice (E09A3806)

rugged coastline of eastern greenland

Sea Ice Hugs Greenland's Rugged Eastern Coast (E09A3808)

sea ice along greenland's east coast

Another View of Greenland's Rugged Coastline (I05A2843)

eastern greenland fjords

Eastern Greenland's Glacier-carved Fjords (E09A3814)

greenland glacier flows into sea

Glacier Flows into the Sea (E09A3814)
Chunks of ice have calved off a glacier where it meets the sea, covering the surface of an eastern Greenland fjord.

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