Glacier Patterns

Plane Views Over Greenland

I've flown over Greenland several times and take photos of the island when there are breaks in the clouds. As the flight crosses Greenland I look for interesting scenes and patterns of moraine in the island's glaciers.

greenland glaciers medial moraines

Medial Moraines (S06A4445)
As several glaciers merge together, rocky debris along their sides create medial moraines, rocky stripes that mark the boundaries of the merging glaciers.

greenland glacier medial moraine

Creating a Medial Moraine (U12A3774)
A glacier picks up rocks as it flows from the east around this outcropping, creating a medial moraine as it continues to flow to the west.

greenland glacier melt ponds

Glacier Melt Ponds (E09A3827)
During the summer, melting glacier ice sometimes forms melt ponds on top of glaciers. The purity of the water and the ice beneath it helps create this deep blue appearance.

greenland glaciers merge

Merging Glaciers (X13A0000)

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