Greenland's Ice Sheet

Plane Views Over Greenland

I've flown over Greenland several times and take photos of the island when there are breaks in the clouds. The fjords and mountains of Greenland's rugged east coast soon give way to Greenland's massive ice sheet. From 37,000 feet, there's not a lot to see on the ice sheet. It's a massive expanse of featureless white, and it's been hidden by clouds on most of my flights across the island.

mountains in greenland's ice sheet

Mountians at the Edge of Greenland's Ice Sheet (I05A2848)
Flying across Greenland from the east, its ice sheet gets thicker until only the tops of mountains are visible.

greenland's ice sheet

Greenland's Vast Ice Sheet (I05A2855)
As the flight continues west, the mountains disappear completely.

greenland's ice sheet

Clouds over the Ice Sheet (I05A2857)
On most flights I've taken over Greenland, the ice sheet was covered with clouds.

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