Retreating Glaciers

Plane Views Over Greenland

I've flown over Greenland several times and take photos of the island when there are breaks in the clouds. Over the years I've noticed evidence of retreating glaciers and more bare rock, especially at the fjords and valley's of the island's east coast.

greenland colorful layers of rock

Layers of Colorful Rock (E09A3818)
Colorful rock walls line these valleys where the glaciers have retreated.

greenland retreating glaciers

Exposed Rock (E09A3821)
Light-colored rock near the end of a glacier shows how much the glacier has recently retreated.

greenland retreating glaciers

Retreating Glaciers (E09A3824)

greenland shrinking glacier

Shrinking Glacier (S06A4443)
The valley walls show evidence of the shrinking glacier.

short description

Fading Glaciers (U12A3757)
These glaciers used to reach the sea.

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