Butchart Gardens

Victoria (Brentwood Bay), British Columbia, Canada

800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay

Butchart Gardens is a collection of expansive show gardens. More than 300,000 bulbs provide spring color. Summer blooms include a large variety of annuals, biennials and perennials. Roses are in full bloom by late June. Dahlias and colorful shrubs carry color well into the fall. Christmas lights and displays provide a reason to visit in December. Entertainment and events go on year round.

The gardens were started in 1909 when a limestone quarry that supported the Butchart family's cement business played out. Jennie Butchart began the 12-year process of converting the quarry into what is now known as the Sunken Garden. Now a Canadian National Historic Site, Butchart Gardens has grown into an attraction that draws more than a million visitors every year.

butchart gardens sunken garden

Sunken Garden (V09A0018)
The Sunken Garden was established in a former limestone quarry.

butchart gardens dahlia garden

Dahlia Garden (V09A0046)

butchart gardens italian garden

Italian Garden (V09A0078)
The Italian Garden was established where the Butchart family's tennis courts used to be.

butchart gardens private garden

Private Garden (V09A0008)
This garden was originally Jennie Butchart's private garden.

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I bought a house shortly before my first visit to Butchart Gardens. When I got home from that trip, I was inspired to dig up the entire width of my yard where it backed up to a treeline and over time established my own set of annual and perennial flower beds. It wasn't nearly as elegant as Butchart Gardens, but I enjoyed that view for years until I moved away.

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