Bastion Square

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Runs for a couple blocks from Government St to Wharf St, N of Fort St

Bastion Square is serves as both a plaza and passageway, connecting Government Street to the waterfront in the heart of the city center. It features shops, restaurants, sculptures and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia.

The square marks the location of Fort Victoria, the headquarters of Hudson's Bay Company on the Pacific Coast.

victoria bastion square

Bastion Square (V09A0123)

victoria bastion square reeds sculpture

Reeds Sculpture (V09A0182)
Many people posting photos of this sculpture online seem to think they're tulips, but they're really reeds.

victoria bastion square lighthouse light

Original Light from Trial Island Lighthouse (V09A0180)
This light from the Trial Island Lighthouse is an exhibit of the Maritime Museum of British Columbia, located at Bastion Square.

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