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Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada

Towns are few and far between along the Alaska Highway as it passes through the Yukon. Beaver Creek, the closest town to the border with Alaska, is one of those towns. It's a small town, about 100 people or so, but it has the basic amenities - fuel, food and lodging - you'd expect.

I stopped here during an Alaska trip where I wanted to complete the length of the Alaska Highway in Alaska. It was only about another 20 miles to Beaver Creek, so I thought I'd check it out and get some lunch.

For those of you who note such things, Beaver Creek is the westernmost community in Canada.

beaver creek yukon alaska highway

Alaska Highway (A92A0298)
The Alaska Highway follows Highway 1 from the Alaska-Yukon border to Beaver Creek, and then southeast to past Watson Lake, where the Alaska Highway continues on through British Columbia. There are few services along this route, so take advantage of places like Beaver Creek to top off the gas tank.

beaver creek yukon ida's

Ida's (A92A0304)
And while you're at it, top off your stomach at Ida's. It looks like the building has been updated or replaced since I was there.

beaver creek yukon

A View of Beaver Creek (A92A0305)

beaver creek yukon our lady of grace catholic church

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church (A92A0307)
The church was built using a quonset hut that was left over from the construction of the Alaska Highway.

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